How to Find the Best Blades for Your Grass Type

Feb 25, 2021

Learn how to pick the right blades for your grass type from the lawn-care experts at Grasshopper. There are A LOT of factors that play into your mowing situation. From grass type and operator experience all the way down to moisture content and soil type—even the most granular of details may have an effect on your outcome. However, finding the right blade for the situation can make all the difference in the quality of your cut. To help find the perfect fit for you, we’ve broken things down into six different blade types:

High-Lift Notched Blades

From the moist grass conditions of early spring to final mowing in the fall, we recommend these blades for most normal side- discharging applications. With more pronounced angles on the corners of the blade, high-lifts are excellent at creating a fresh, manicured look.

Extreme High-Lift Notched Blades

If you’re getting ready to tackle overgrown conditions or any thick, lush grass, we recommend Extreme High-Lift Notched blades in any side-discharge application where you’ll need help fighting off thicker turf.

Medium-Lift Blades

Only slightly bent at the ends, Medium-Lift blades tend to be required on most mulching packages and work really well in dry, sandy conditions. These blades also do well with dense turf and we highly recommend them when paired with our PowerVac® Collection System.

Contour Blades

If you’re following the 1/3 rule (and we suggest you do), Contour blades are your premier choice for a top cut in most side-discharge applications—ideal for any high-profile areas that are mowed on a regular basis. Contour blades, much like Medium Lift, are also well suited for dry, sandy soils.

High-Low Mulching Blades

Designed for use in conjunction with Down DischargeTM mulching baffles, these blades recut clippings many times over thanks to an extended cutting edge and a carefully crafted airflow pattern helps clippings disappear into the turf without a trace.

Shredder Blades

If you’re in need of a toothy-edged blade to break apart leaves or clippings in dry conditions, ShredderTM blades were designed just for you. Used in Grasshopper 52-, 61-, and 72-inch DuraMax® decks, these serrated-wing blades will help cut up those clippings and leaves, reducing their overall volume.

What Brand Should I Use?

Of course, when it comes to brand our first choice is, without a doubt, our very own GrassMaxTM MARBAIN® blades. With a proven cutting edge that lasts longer compared to aftermarket blades, GrassMax holds their edge longer with minimal build up and optimum airflow.

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