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Oct 15, 2020

Farmers Implement & Irrigation has a variety of tillage tools to meet your needs this fall or spring. Here’s a look into what each tool in our inventory can do for you.

KUHN Krause Interceptor® 8050

The KUHN Krause Interceptor® 8050 delivers high-speed tillage to control stubborn, chemical resistant weed growth, while sizing and evenly distributing tough residue into the worked soil profile. This action not only kills weeds and limits potential movement of wind driven residue, but also contributes to residue breakdown throughout the year and builds soil organic matter. Featuring independently mounted Excalibur® CT (Conservation Tillage) blades, adjustable, center-mounted tines, and the proven Star Wheel™ treaders with 24/7® finishing attachments, the Interceptor delivers a consistent, uniform field finish.


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KUHN Krause Dominator® 4855 

The KUHN Krause Dominator® 4855 combination primary tillage machine sets new standards for residue management, compaction removal and mixing of residue in one pass. The Dominator® 4855 offers a primary tillage solution that provides optimal subsoil fracture. Working widths range from 10’6” to 19’6” and models are available with 7, 9, 11 or 13 shanks. Residue management, soil tilth and level soil surface area are all key factors in yield potential. The Dominator 4855 meets this challenge with 18" shank spacing not available on competitive machines. RTK working widths range from 10’6” to 19’6”.


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KUHN Krause Landsman® 6205

The KUHN Krause Landsman® 6205 delivers excellent residue flow handling capability, soil mixing, conditioning and leveling in one pass. Exclusive Excalibur® VT blades with 32-flute edge uniformly size residue for smooth flow through the machine. The gang, angled 8 degrees toward the rear of the machine, minimizes lateral soil movement to improve the leveling action of the shanks. The 24/7® leveling systems increase yield potential through better seedbed condition and increase productivity with non-stop farming.

3-Section, Single-Fold: 18’ – 31’6”; 5-Section, Double-Fold: 36’ – 45’

Utilizing a unique 4-step tillage system, the Landsman® offers unmatched productivity with a 6-bar frame for non-stop residue handling. Sizes to 45’ produce up to 400 acres per day of ideal seedbed.


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Kinze Mach Till

The Kinze Mach Till is a versatile, heavy built, low maintenance machine that prepares seed beds in the spring or incorporates residue in the fall. It operates at high speeds without creating compaction layers and produces an eye appealing finish. Agronomic benefits include nutrient cycling and improved soil density for water infiltration and reduced erosion.

  • Cover 30-60 acres per hour, depending on unit size, for improved productivity as compared to typical tillage practices; up to 40% more acres
    per hour with Mach Till
  • Two rows of independently torsioned concave discs and a corrugated rubber furrow roller work
    to fracture, lift, mix, break up, level and firm the soil for spring seed bed preparation or fall residue management
  • The speed and angle of the blades fracture, lift and transfer soil without creating a smear layer for improved plant health and vigor
  • Frame weight ensures disc blades remain at a consistent working depth for optimal performance and long term product durability at high speeds
  • Oversized sealed bearings, greaseless bushings, nickel plated pins and other quality components ensure low maintenance and long wear life
  • Narrow machine width enables safe and easy transport from field to field
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Wil-Rich SoilPro 513

The SoilPro 513 Disc Ripper from Wil-Rich is designed to work in a variety of soil conditions. The SoilPro 513 performs primary tillage, leaving a smooth, uniform surface ideal for seedbed preparation.

The SoilPro 513 is available in cutting widths from 12 ½ to 26 feet (3.8 – 7.9 m). The SoilPro 513 industry-best, large-diameter, 28-inch (71 cm) disc blades on two-rank individual C-spring disc blades bury and mix residue for quick decomposition. The 3,500-pound (1,588 kg) spring reset ripper shanks penetrate even the toughest soil.


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Wil-Rich 483 Chisel Pro

The 483 Chisel Pro from Wil-Rich is engineered to loosen soil, bury heavy trash, and properly size clods for a smoother field finish. This primary tillage tool is available in cutting widths from 16.25 to 33.75 feet (5-10.3 m).

Built with two rows of double mounted 24-inch (61 cm) concave razor blade discs and four ranks of 1400-pound (635 kg) trips with on-edge chisel shanks, the 483 Chisel Pro gives the soil mixing of a ripper and the width of a chisel plow. Sixty-inch (152 cm) spacing between shanks on each of the ranks allows for excellent trashflow through the tool. The overall 15-inch (38 cm) spacing aids in a smoother field than the typical wider shank spacing of disc rippers.

The floating hitch on the 483 Chisel Pro provides exceptional depth control and ground following capability for use in rolling terrain.
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Looking for something not on our list? Give us a call and our salesmen can help find what you are looking for and match your goals with the right tillage tool.

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